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"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 15 June 2017 update (DVD distribution preparation)

Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:11 am by kohedlo

XPN 189
- added splitting game windows in to two screens. for two player game.

////////////////////////////////////CR preparations.//////////////////////

- removed ED nonactive functions and menus.

- added Ed multilanguage Localisation (ready 30%)



- released IGE media installer.
- released GDK DVD video framework.
- fixed multi-key(keyboard) input.


- added support for joystic deviсe ( catching events throught imperial-script)

- added game banner.
- added ICG- GRID.


- added ICG GRID, PLANE imperial-script functions.

SDK (2.75 GB)

Important path

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IE preparing for release on DVD

Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:26 pm by kohedlo

We prepare IE edition on 2 dvd and another 2 DVD with gamedev school. Probably IE was released for west throught DEEP SILVER

- in box was present simle licenses gor game creating.
- IE as release for 2.6.
- big collection video guides and tutorials for IE gamedev.

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"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 June 2017 update (released)

Sat May 20, 2017 2:49 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 June 2017 update.

XPN 187

- added import of .txt
- added creating new .txt

- Added WIREFREME vision mode.
- fixed copying of flownodes.

- added multithreading script programming.
- fixed memory leak in CEGUI port

XPN 188
- added SPHERICAL type  ITrigger Actor.
- fixed ICG Plane(For restoring maps, need resave originals or correct scripts).
- fixed centration of actors (symbol).



SDK 3.52 GB

Comments: 2

LIKVIDATION of CLASSMATES AND VKONTAKTE anti-slavan - hitler movement

Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:03 pm by kohedlo

Anti Ru Ukr Hitler movement- social networlk Vkontakte and classmates- LICVIDATED.


Comments: 2

Open Space server

Sun May 15, 2016 6:05 pm by kohedlo


Client and updates available from this:

Status of project: client version V. 0.07


Comments: 7

Neoaxis 3D Engine try licvidate and steal IE (NEOAXIS as PENTECOSTOALS SECTA)

Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 am by kohedlo

Ivan Efimov, creator the NeoAxis 3d engine, have idea that create engine, have no right, person without high education.

His guys make direction to licvidate Imperial Game Engine.

I personally helps Ivan, and his forum, but after his group receive Warning, hi continue licvidate IE, and steal IE after destruction.

IE go out concurence. But I personally stops support Neoaxis 3D Engine.

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"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 15 May 2017 update.(RELEASED)

Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:19 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 June 2017 update.

XPN 168

- bugfix: unlimited count of anite tracks.


XPN 169

- ported OGRE 2.2
- added IBR materials.

XPN 171
- added material animation.
- added Texture Adressing.

XPN 172

- released texture atlass framing system.
- added TextureAnimator.ifn


- added 20 new preferences for materials.


- added IBR (Image Based Reflections) materials.

XPN 174

- [FAIL]written WEB-PLAYER for integration in web-globall.


- restored CEGUI

XPN 177
-  added CheckAABBCollision.ifn

XPN 179

- fixed savings for windows doccking.

XPN 180
- optimized AniTE ("actor_mover")
- add new timeline track type AniTE "texture_animation".
- added preview model changing for material edotor.

XPN 182
- fixed RemoteAction.ifn
- fixed LoadIFlowScript.ifn

XPN 185

SDK (3.52 GB)

Comments: 6

Meditation about my life .need to licvidate _TW_PA_ (t_worldpsychi_atry__association)

Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:31 pm by kohedlo

Currently i have very bad life. My parents take my life under control and this is mater of death. I thinc 8 years of my work need preserve and open for people sourcecode, if i die. Sad I wish travel and live himself or create family, but people friom my city, country- very bad...

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New Licensing

Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:49 pm by kohedlo

This is plan of new licensing.

New license statements date: 27 february 2017

Accepting this license statements, you receive right use Imperial Game Engine:

From 2015.3.4 all new innovations of IE(as game engine) was created from NULL, designed indeppendently and rests under copyright protection. (c) all rights reserved (2015-2016) wow-bomb game studios.

1. Imperial Game Engine - is free for uncommercial ussage.
For commercial projects, possible 3 license types (see   - licensing table). For contact: or  skype: kohedlo

2 Third party game engine components is under his licenses.

3 Imperial Game Engine source code- protected by copyrights and belongs
to wow-bomb games studios (c)2007-2016 (igor goloperov). IE components go according his own licensing.
For Noncommercial users no permission take moneys on basis IE. For commercial using avaialable 5 types of licenses.

4. For VIPs available some cases.

5 IE source code go under license using and big personal modifications need have permission.

6. Still duty to protect IE, and budget fond of IE from riscs, dangers, and orher issues for garanty of sequrity Of IE quality and clearnes.

6. IE license cant be sold for members Jehowah_s_whitnesess, neo-harizmatics- totall destructive sect or schizocratic personal who fight against us. But still old releases without updates. Permission give only our commission.

7. License,  actual for IE ,and protect externam components, as core possobly hidden order cooperation.

8. Licanse agreement terminated for: persons, who machinate, create dangers for IE, as justful act, throught IE developers decision (If need, stydy matter, and mace investigations).IE deal, need to protect, from mixing of developers time or stopping IE developing, freeloaders suggestive dream when it inracional. IE must be protected from stollers, and outer persons, who categorically create dangers, stops deal, and rewrite license or IE on himself or …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 7

"Imperial Game Engine SOURCE" 1 May 2017 update. (RELEASED)

Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:09 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 May 2017 update.

XPN 158

fixed AniTE model animation keyframing.

added GIF animations and JPG pictures in Documantation Browser.
Released screensaver compiler:
Preparing screensaver:
1) add extracted files in to exe folder.
2) Open "game.bat" with notepad and change write name of your executable file.
3) ScreenSaver.bat sets in ScreenSaver.txt throught ScreenSaver.exe time waiting for screen saver in seconds.
4) Run ScreeSaver.exe for activating screensaver.

XPN 159

XPN 160

- added bilboard rectangle controling

- fixed iscene injecting.

XPN 161

- fixed import particles.

XPN 162

- added support for VR stereoscopic vision. and OCCULUS RIFS.


XPN 163

XPN 164

- extended stringconverter for vector4.

XPN 165

- added imperial-script node StringTrimmer.ifn.
- added imaterial settings in iworld (shadows and ambient)

XPN 166

- added actors boneattach
- added imperial-script IWater gat/set preferences.
XPN 167

- added isc injecting in to iscript flow node LoadIScene.ifn
- maked minmax generator of numbers at Generate.ifn.
- added Inctimant_FLOAT.ifn.

- removed closing FrontEnd.exe at pressing SERVER or CLIENT.
- added parameters in Remote_Action.ifn.

knowing BUGS:

- exe from installer- LoadIScene.ifn have different "unload" syntaxis, but still working. (all demos not unloads and not loads maps, with out reconnecting flow scripts).
- patch exe. have same unload syntaxis, but NOT unloads.

- Fixed: im new OGRE2.2 jule

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 3

Extreeme programming nights

Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:26 pm by kohedlo

There from direct translations "Extreeme programming nights", where can looks and ask answers.

XPN 161

XPN 162

XPN 164

XPN 165

XPN 166

XPN 167

XPN 169

XPN 177

XPN 181

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"Imperial Game Engine SOURCE" 1 April 2017 update RELEASED

Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:56 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 March 2017 update

XPN 137

- maked autho generation of light flares. dx11

- Added mass assigning of IMaterial in IModel Ed.

XPN 138

- [FAILED] added "MultipyProcess.ifn" "CreateInventoryItem.ifn" "CreateInventoryBag.ifn"
"GetInventoryBag.ifn" "FightingHit.ifn" "FightingRound.ifn" "ResourcePlan.ifn"
"TournamentRound.ifn" "RegisterConsoleCommand.ifn" "ExecuteConsoleCommand.ifn"
"ShowConsole.ifn" "SetLodLivel.ifn" "OnRenderingDistance.ifn" "OnLODLivel.ifn"

XPN 139

- maked sorting resources in resource browser.
- maced variations for TPSController.

- added GET SET AniteCurrentTime (for multiplayer synch)

- added moving viewport camera to selected acter.

- added moving viewport camera to selected acter.

XPN 143

XPN 147

XPN 150


- released FrontEnd Launcher.

- released WATER-ACTOR

4.4 GB

Comments: 2

Good and not news.

Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:08 pm by kohedlo

There is about good.

Currently i among evropean integration- go integrate to Galactic confederation.

Psychiatrist proffesor make loosed in contaxt.

This argument that is BIG BANG is "Farts" and currently ALL is DEAH. No matter in GOOD. Need kill and live to full.

KON is warning against this people.Peolee like psychiatrists can deastoY himselfs and earth.

There Galaxy Confederation talk ablut good- EXHODUS plan where creatures change galaxy for living and even in case death universe bubble by taking unction from bigbang olt time singulatity and make portal to another Universe. This make reactors highest them null-mattery. By power in 1/1000 of galaxy power.


0.000001 mm on this picture is about 150000 galaxies.

This is wonderful and great of another inteligence.

This is GOOD NEWS.

And bad: Tramp swear destroy half earth by atomic weapon in period 2017-2018.


[ Full reading ]

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Available game hosting worldwide

Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:37 pm by kohedlo

Currently i buy game hosting for private games MMO. Also available 6 game slots for server ONLINE on my PC . This can split payment, and can be useful for your games.

Disc space- to 100-200 gb. Free 1.5 gb RAM. GFORCE 450 GTS dx11, processor I3- 4 cores.

Open space server I  plan optimize to 50-200 mb ram. this give 6+ slots for worldwide 24 hours game hosting.

If you need let Private Message.

Hosting costs: 6$ per monts (+ 24 hours electricity using): possible for per 1$- host your  one game on our PC. pirat

there is provider: itk

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Open Space MMOG 15 february 2017 update

Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:51 pm by kohedlo

Open Space MMOG

15 february 2017 update.

XPN 35

- released server rooms.
- released chat.
- preformed VIRTUAL REALITY game mechanics.
- AAA class HQ game, analogue of STAR CITIZEN.

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"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 25 february 2017 update (RELEASED)

Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:01 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 25 february 2017 update.

XPN 130

- [FAILED]preformed implementation of ILink actor.
- optimised cycles. (benchmark from 20 to 114 fps).
XPN 132

- added flow-node GetPlayerID.ifn

XPN 134

- preformed object orienation for imperial-script global variables.
- released Multiplayer Rooms.

XPN 135

- added "InNetworking.ifn::OnReciveChatRoomMessage", "VariableTransfer.ifn"

XPN 136

- added USE cfg preference in RunServer.ifn.

DEMO (428 MB)


SDK 1.37 GB

Comments: 2

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 20 february 2017 update (RELEASED)

Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:16 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 20 february 2017 update.

XPN 121



XPN 124

- fixed saving names of variables in "ProfileSerializer.ifn"
- fixed settings of variables in "Set_INT_Value.ifn" and "Set_FLOAT_Value.ifn"

- fixed loading names of variables in "ProfileSerializer.ifn"

XPN 125



XPN 126

- inverted chanals of 3d sound actor.
- fixed invisiblity animations list for  AniTE imodel_skeletal_animation.

XPN 127

- released string-flag actor finding.
- released game system: ActiveZone.

XPN 128

- fixed mixing of flow-events.

XPN 129

- fixed shadows.
- fixed trigger actors.

DEMO (384 MB)


SDK ( 1.33 GB)

Comments: 3

Adding Support for Old GORE and pure openGL

Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:09 am by kohedlo

We begin add OLD dx9, opengl2 ogre and pure openGL2

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How to run IE on Win 10,?

Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:21 pm by kohedlo

How to run IE on Win 10, if IE not run at start of executable?

1)There are need AVOID - install IE in to PROGRAMM FILES win directory. Install on C:/ D:/ E:/Imperial Game Engine SDK(x.x.x). for example.

2)way must be in LATIN symbols.

Comments: 1

WANTED forum moderators for salary

Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:52 am by kohedlo

Today we welcome PEOPLE for moderator vacantions for this forum.

Every period ow workjings we ready recompense by One license of IE 75$ or 400$. Count terms and licanses unlimited. You can be make his own games like Neoaxis 3d Maxwolfs - Incognito game series from three and more episodes.

(site log)



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"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 15 february 2017 update (released)

Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:23 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 15 february 2017 update.

- added imperial-script nodes MakeScreenshot.ifn, ShotSpawner.ifn

149 mb

XPN 118

- added debug geomentry in "C++FPSCollisions.ifn"
- fixed collisions in "C++FPSCollisions.ifn"

XPN 119

- added custom heightmaps in terrain actor.


- added "C++TPSController.ifn"

XPN 120

- added "C++FightingController.ifn"

- fixed removing of sounds.

DEMO (250 mb)

DEMO +EDITOR (310 mb)

DEMO+ EDITOR+ SDK (1.20 gb)

Comments: 4

January 2016 commit (available to download)

Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:21 pm by kohedlo

january 2016 commit

- added curve to timeline.
- fixed imaterial creation after importing textures.
- added new anite tracks: - camera_fov, set_camera, camera_look.

- fixed local coords of anite transforms.
- fixed incorrect anite curent positioning.
- fixed: zero transforms of skeletal models.




- updated ogre renderer (dec.2015)
- ported cegui system.
- fixed material transparency.
- added indexation of iscene actors.
- fixed serialization of actor flags.
-fixed error of visualization of anite mover track.



- expanded materials: added metalness, refraction and workflow preferences.

(shotgun non-com)

- added Forward3D point light actor(ported).


- ported PSSM shadows.(now is for directional light type).




- added preference shadows filtration quality.
- restored particles after porting to new graphic renderer.
- imodel ed sliders changed to spin.
- released focused shadows for point and spot lights.



#- ported and restored particle-actor. Particle Universe.
#- ported bilboard-actor.
#- ported actor-3d-text.
- fixed IMaterial Ed preview scene.
- fixed copying resource imodel instances.

Imperial GDK (january 2016) Size: 2.2 GB Download

Happy new year to all!. santa

Embarassed knowing bugs: -not ported editor 3d gizmo. Available timely …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 5

Kosmo-quest Demo alpha

Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:47 pm by kohedlo

There are is from alpha build.




356 MB

Comments: 0

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 february 2017 update(RELEASED)

Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:35 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine SDK" 1 february 2017 update.

XPN 108

- fixed deleting terrains and injected iscenes when closing maps.
- [MAJOR] fixed flow lawmaker mixed saving when opened in ed many maps.


- added disabling Y collision in "C++FPSCollisions.ifn".
- added freecamera controller "C++FreeController.ifn".
- fixed flowscripts.
- added new IE DEMO. With commentaries.


XPN 110

- fixed input.
- fixed unloanding triggers.
- fixed MapManager::getSingleton().GetIModelGlobal(;

- fixed deleting cameras, bilboards, and particles.

XPN 111
new demo 184 mb

XPN 113

- fixed smooth hiding gui text by enableShowTextByInterval

XPN 114

- fixed saving of flow-script classes.


- fixed loading iscenes on curent ipoint.

XPN 115

- real optimized speed of working editor and engine.


SDK 1.08 GB

Update 6.34 MB

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 4

Canceling forum silence

Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:21 pm by kohedlo

I am glad to see your projects and games on IE. Let talk abouthat.

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