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Imperial Game Engine LICENSING

Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:15 pm by kohedlo

Imperial Game Engine Licensing: actual from 19 april 2018

BY ACCEPTING AGREEMENT BUTTON, You receive privilegies use Imperial Game Engine
according next defined statements:
1-1) Imperial Game Engine must be provided or distributed only from Developers Source, as
A) Evaulation SDK B) Indie SDK or C) Pro SDK.

1-2) For Evaulation SDK, Indie SDK and Pro SDK users not permitted decompile, deassemble IGE program librares,
but must still unchanged "AS IS" from Original Distribution.
2-1) Imperial Game Engine, have his tools and technology and usage limitations according
next TABLE:

3-1) Imperial Game Engine cant use:

-Silmans (Relatived from Podlesnovka);
-SNPO (in past Frunze)- manufactory-plant in Sumy, Ukraine, that steal IT resources (for example: IGE, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Ogre 1, Ogre 2);
- totalitar sect Jehowahs Whitnesess.
- Goloperova Vera Ivanovna, Goloperov Dmitry Vladimirovich.
4-1) For buying your Licensed User "Indie SDK" or "Pro SDK" privilegies and receiving Your destribution please A)contact with MY.B) You must pay.
C) You an MY must Accept  matual Contract agreement.


*Only Text Scripts editing.
** Planned feature.
*** Sensor Touch, Gamepads, VR**.
**** Also you must use WATERMARK.
***** This is 12 months payment plan.

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Imperial Game Engine version SDK divisions from 18 april 2018

Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:50 pm by kohedlo

Message of April 18, 2018

Dear users Imperial Game Engine.
In view of long-term financial losses on our part and on the part of those people who want not to pay, we introduce new changes. Since April 18, 2018, according to licensing, the Imperial Game Engine goes to poly-level user density of engine. This means that each of those,
who steal or do not want to pay will not get protection, new functions and will experience great losses and problems in the market of games and entertainment.
Therefore, a division of the engine versions is created:

- Imperial Game Engine Evaulation SDK;
- Imperial Game Engine Pro SDK;

In the open access will be published Evaulation SDK. Those who are not going to pay in fact can be useful with a very large table of limitations, drawbacks, inconveniences and waste of time compared to the innovations, secret tools and work protection of our customers that will be available to the editor, the game, the engine and the entire IGE structure .

Igor Black, the creator of the Imperial Game Engine.

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Imperial Game Engine was taken as hostage

Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:58 pm by kohedlo

From 1-7 april 2018 Imperial Game Engine was taken as hostage in circumstances ow war in Ukraine.

If you user IGE please vote for your using.

Agressor is Sumy SMNPO AEN Big plant. Is Scientific Cllective Plant that have 100 more  years of  exsistence. Link:

This people 100 vote for complete stelling of IGE for himself, and commant in all world that people licvidate my physical status for bread job.

Russian community supporting Neoaxis, vote that i should continue IGE and paralelly seek stable job.

Please- vote if you spend time and money on Imperial Game Engiune.

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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.7 [aka "perikefalai/a ho swth/rion"](15 march 2018 update)RELEASED

Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:33 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.7 [aka "perikefalai/a ho swth/rion"](15 march 2018 update)


- added: WORLD PREFERENCE ::show/.::hide text console render window.
- added: CMD Keyboard and Mouse input throught inputmanager2
- added: "Open Cooked Projects" button in CookProject Window.
- added: DocumantationBrowser combobox2(with complete articles list)
- added: ISceneEd hotkey "H"- show help (as Documentation Browser).
- added: TextScriptEd button "Test ICMD"., Scripts quick listbox


- added: PrintCMD.ifn
- added: ShowEngineConsole.ifn
- added: PrintCMD.ifn::var2 symbols colour ::var3 background colour
- added: CMD_Input.ifn
- added:


- fixed: NullRenderer System start crash.
- fixed: ScreenSaver
- fixed: Imaterial default_brdf as default.
- fixed: TextScriptEd save sctipt, reload


IGE partners:
-WROFF Games (Forwarding);
-Assault Knights;

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IGE stops use WIX

Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:26 pm by kohedlo

Throught 31 march 2018 (Orthodox feast) i stops use WIX technologies.

Reason: Conflicts with Israilites.

Possibly IGE move on Google Technologies.
This can be better for peace.

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BIL community centre moves to WIX

Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:13 am by kohedlo

BIL forum moves to the WIX service.
This should be end communication with gentiled Russia.


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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.5 (aka )"(15 february 2018 update).

Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:16 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.5 (aka )"(15 february 2018 update).

- XPN 227

- fixed RenderQues drawing orders.

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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.4 (aka )"(1 february 2018 update).

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:42 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.4 (aka )"(1 february 2018 update).

XPN 220

- bugfix: no flof script saves without recompilation.
- added: ribbon-trial actor.

- added: skybox, skyplane, skydome actors.
- added: WiredAabb.

XPN 221

- fixed: injected spawnpoint.
- fixed: impterial save emissive

XPN 222

- added: MOC collisions ACCURATE.

XPN 223

-added: ported Ogre 2018.1.1


XPN 224

- fixed: anite animation name parse.
- fixed: order drawing of terrain objects.

- fixed: IPainter in game mode.
- released: flow-script procesess debugger.


XPN 225

- added: UpdateSkiesPosition.ifn

XPN 226

- [FAIL]added TRIANGLE_RENDERING to 3D text actor.
- added: project backuping.
- added Proj.Info in FrontEnd.exe
- optimized Ed
- added TEXTURE_TYPE_NON_COLOR_DATA in an IMaterial.
- [FAIL]added Distorion Effect.
- fixed ILight debug visualization.


- added play sounds in FrontEnd.exe


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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.3 (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:34 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.3 (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

XPN 215

- added: quick imaterial rebuild.
- added: LawMaker node finder.
- added: Physics Trimesh
- added: OGRE 2.1 1.1.2018 brance update beggins.
- added: CCD Physics Collision

- bugfix: unloading flow clasess;

- imperial-script nodes: physics pivot

XPN 216

- added: secondary actor selecting;


New Spline Skeletal Animation Builder

- added: setDetailMapOffsetScale( for normal map details.

XPN 217

- bugfix: collisions.
- uplate: OGRE 2.1 2018.1.1
- added: emmisive mat, receive shadows mat.

XPN 218

- added: new preferences for ICamera actor:







XPN 219

- added: derived actor attaching.

Download Repository

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"Imperial Game Engine (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:29 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

XPN 214

- added:
ortho port speed optimization and customization

- bugfix:

- imperial-script nodes:

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