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BIL community centre moves to WIX

Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:13 am by kohedlo

BIL forum moves to the WIX service.
This should be end communication with gentiled Russia.


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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.5 (aka )"(15 february 2018 update).

Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:16 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.5 (aka )"(15 february 2018 update).

- XPN 227

- fixed RenderQues drawing orders.

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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.4 (aka )"(1 february 2018 update).

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:42 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.4 (aka )"(1 february 2018 update).

XPN 220

- bugfix: no flof script saves without recompilation.
- added: ribbon-trial actor.

- added: skybox, skyplane, skydome actors.
- added: WiredAabb.

XPN 221

- fixed: injected spawnpoint.
- fixed: impterial save emissive

XPN 222

- added: MOC collisions ACCURATE.

XPN 223

-added: ported Ogre 2018.1.1


XPN 224

- fixed: anite animation name parse.
- fixed: order drawing of terrain objects.

- fixed: IPainter in game mode.
- released: flow-script procesess debugger.


XPN 225

- added: UpdateSkiesPosition.ifn

XPN 226

- [FAIL]added TRIANGLE_RENDERING to 3D text actor.
- added: project backuping.
- added Proj.Info in FrontEnd.exe
- optimized Ed
- added TEXTURE_TYPE_NON_COLOR_DATA in an IMaterial.
- [FAIL]added Distorion Effect.
- fixed ILight debug visualization.


- added play sounds in FrontEnd.exe


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New Licensing

Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:49 pm by kohedlo

This is plan of new licensing.

New license statements date: 27 february 2017

Accepting this license statements, you receive right use Imperial Game Engine:

From 2015.3.4 all new innovations of IE(as game engine) was created from NULL, designed indeppendently and rests under copyright protection. (c) all rights reserved (2015-2016) wow-bomb game studios.

1. Imperial Game Engine - is free for uncommercial ussage.
For commercial projects, possible 3 license types (see   - licensing table). For contact: or  skype: kohedlo

2 Third party game engine components is under his licenses.

3 Imperial Game Engine source code- protected by copyrights and belongs
to wow-bomb games studios (c)2007-2016 (igor goloperov). IE components go according his own licensing.
For Noncommercial users no permission take moneys on basis IE. For commercial using avaialable 5 types of licenses.

4. For VIPs available some cases.

5 IE source code go under license using and big personal modifications need have permission.

6. Still duty to protect IE, and budget fond of IE from riscs, dangers, and orher issues for garanty of sequrity Of IE quality and clearnes.

6. IE license cant be sold for members Jehowah_s_whitnesess, neo-harizmatics- totall destructive sect or schizocratic personal who fight against us. But still old releases without updates. Permission give only our commission.

7. License,  actual for IE ,and protect externam components, as core possobly hidden order cooperation.

8. Licanse agreement terminated for: persons, who machinate, create dangers for IE, as justful act, throught IE developers decision (If need, stydy matter, and mace investigations).IE deal, need to protect, from mixing of developers time or stopping IE developing, freeloaders suggestive dream when it inracional. IE must be protected from stollers, and outer persons, who categorically create dangers, stops deal, and rewrite license or IE on himself or his own interests. But can gived help for users, who is need to help in using IE.

9. IE can be outsorced (right jpb results belong justfully), but need develop license where buying license can make his own deal.

10. IE engine go out of concurency, as developing his own school and Art of gamedeveloping. We no need steall ideas and designs from anotheer. We must go aside anothers gamedeveloping technologies, Like Unreal, Unity, and another and can be persecuted by our law every stealing another ideas in to IE. IE developers, can aggree partner programs.

11.For buyers- IE costs CANT be moved for my Mother(REZUNENKO POLINA) or Goloperov Vera, or Goloperov Dmytriy, but move on my independent Webmoney or another account. Possible exhanhing with without banknot payment.

12. The BIL involve SCP order, for protection, and involve Core BIL Order (Order core, Apostols, Pillars, and orher people).

13. IGE possible using for all christians, that love God of Bible, and receive our commite approve.

14. Squirrel engine and his community (gamemaker indies) excluded from BIL partnersip and cant receive all lifetine buisness growth from IGE partnersip.

-boost - Boost Software License.
-poco - Boost Software License.
-wxWidgets - wxLibraryLicense.
-ogre 3d- MIT Licence.
-caeleum- Lgpl.
-Hydrax- Copyright (C) 2009 Xavier Verguнn Gonzбlez
-SkyX- Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Xavier Verguнn Gonzбlez Visit
-Galaxy Engine Copyright (C) 1995-2004 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
-Editable Terrain Manager- created 2007 by Holger Frydrych Find it at:
-cegui- Cegui library license.
-Particle universe.
-PhysX, NxOgre.
-Ogre AL., OpenAL.
-Flite CMU.

Used toolkit tools is: is under his own licenging.

All rights reserved to Goloperov Igor
(kohedlo, Игорь Голоперов).
adress: under-field.

USD is pattern and payement possible in every currency type.

For registration of payments and commercial licensing avalaible next forms that neet fill and send on

Dowload: Registration Document Form EN (Updated 2)

Dowload: Registration Document Form RU (Updated 2)

All paymenys go to Webmoney accounts:


All rights reserved to Goloperov Igor ( kohedlo, Игорь Голоперов,). Juridical adress:

[ Full reading ]

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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.3 (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:34 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.3 (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

XPN 215

- added: quick imaterial rebuild.
- added: LawMaker node finder.
- added: Physics Trimesh
- added: OGRE 2.1 1.1.2018 brance update beggins.
- added: CCD Physics Collision

- bugfix: unloading flow clasess;

- imperial-script nodes: physics pivot

XPN 216

- added: secondary actor selecting;


New Spline Skeletal Animation Builder

- added: setDetailMapOffsetScale( for normal map details.

XPN 217

- bugfix: collisions.
- uplate: OGRE 2.1 2018.1.1
- added: emmisive mat, receive shadows mat.

XPN 218

- added: new preferences for ICamera actor:







XPN 219

- added: derived actor attaching.

Download Repository

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"Imperial Game Engine (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:29 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine (aka )"(15 january 2018 update).

XPN 214

- added:
ortho port speed optimization and customization

- bugfix:

- imperial-script nodes:

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Autodesk release game engine based on Imperil Engine 2 technologies

Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:58 pm by kohedlo

Some Years ago we sale Imperial Game Engine 1 and second generation for money from end paying. Imperial Game engine2 in last that time go to Ukrainian gamedevelopers that rewriting code intersects with group that creates Bitsquid game engine. In more last time Authodesk buy Bitsquid and use this core as base for new StingRay Game Engine. (Note that In time second IE kohedlostudio was using authodesk software.)

Also first game developers take our game project - a Big-Lastic Man, and after some changer prepare Z-Run game prototype for PlayStation.

with Lastic-Man gameplay.

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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.2 (aka )"(1 january 2018 update)

Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:56 am by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.2 (aka )"(1 january 2018 update).

XPN 212

- added: ITerrain collisions MOC V2;
- added: preference brush strenghth lifting ITerrain (ETM).
- bugfix: ConnectToAccountDataBase.ifn
- added: [fail]support .ogv video
- added: unlit material import.

- added: new imperial script functions:


XPN 213




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"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.1 (aka )"(15 december 2017 update)

Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:25 pm by kohedlo

"Imperial Game Engine 2.7.1 (aka )"(15 december 2017 update)

XPN 210

- released V2 collisions +debugging visualization
- bugfix: iscene ed viewport statistics
- bugfix: materials videos.
- added: clustered and plus Forward lighting modes.
- added: PBS ESM preference.
- bugfix: aniteplayer.
- bugfix: loadTextScriptToString(std::string textScriptName) n\
- bugfix: SoundActor Max Distance Preference.
- bugfix: Set Get Transforms throught IScript.
- added: AniTE play sound loop.
- bugfix: redraw QuickOverlayMessage.ifn
- bugfix: unloading iscene injects and triggers.
- added: show/hideBoundingBox/Radius in IModel Ed
- added: .ipk packages custom passwordS protection.
- bugfix: SetProperty.ifn
- added Physics Shapes.
- added: IPainter Actor (decoration terrain).
- added: mode OnRaycast.ifn::05X05
- Added: Fractions.
- added: FrontEnd documentation Browser.
- added: physic constraints.
- added: x20 IPhysics imperial-script funcs.
- bugfix: gizmos colours.

- added Anite input veriable scale.
- added Anite Tracks:

- added scripts:
GetSetProgrammingFunction.ifn::UnloadISceneFromInside(ThisActorIScene isc)
GetSetProgrammingFunction.ifn::LODChannal x9 funcs.
GetSetProgrammingFunction.ifn::SetFaderColour(Colour c)
GetSetProgrammingFunction.ifn::SetFaderTexture(Texture t)








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From 1-5 november 2017 IGE SCP X-ray pollution warning

Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:41 am by kohedlo

From 2017 1-5 November was Actual IGE protection Order. (Fpr protecting from SCP and x-ray pollutions our deal. 5 November 2017 at 06.00 situation taken under control.

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