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February 2018

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February 2015 commit (alpha + Update 4)

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February 2015 commit (alpha + Update 4)

Post by kohedlo on Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:34 pm

- added particle-actor.

- added hotkey "F"- inscene fetch ICG.
- in IE toolset line added editor of progressive animation. (distribution size up  on 200 mb).
- bugfix: save flows in new packages from new created scene.
- bugfix: - position attached actor throught imperial-script.
- bugfix: ambient light null value after loading scenes without light sources.
- released stop simulation scenes restoration.
- added box physics to imodels.
- added multi light sources for main shader.
- added PBR.

- creating particle previews on import.

- added box physics to imodels and to ICG.

- bugfix: loading of animations.
- corrected package system.
- ICG can be fetched by normal-mapped materials.

- added highlighting of values in imperial-script visual schemmes.

- added to imaterials 5 new shader templates.
- added dynamic ferula.

- added import generation of relief imaterial.

- added material for grass and trees.

- added new imperial-script functions: action- chain-slot, action- tip-top, , set gui element text.
- bugfix: importing entire directories.
- adding creatinm imaterial instances (copies).
- added mono audio conversion. For 3d sound.
- added texture tiles to imaterial.
- added sliders for speedly setting of values of imodel assets.

- bugfix: resource copying without selected pack.
- added copying of iscenes.
- bugfix: LawMaker lags after selecting of node.
- added ascrol buttons for opened flow schemmes in LawMaker editor.

Download (link avalable after registration)

Update 4 (link avalable after registration)


- new nodes in imperial-script:
 events: - simulation started,
 actions: - executeray,
          - set actor scale,
          - set actor position,
          - set actor orientation,
          - highlight actor,
          - highlight submodel,
          - particle player,
 instances: - flag.

- Hot Keys- G- off debug visualization. H - gird off.
- bugfix: adding actors in to scene.
- bugfix: opening un exsisting flow-schemes and losting exsisting.
- bugfix: stopping sound after start simulation.
- released 3d collision based on 3d raycasting.

- added mouse-picking of 3d objects.


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