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Imperial Game Engine, manuall installation and first PC run

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Imperial Game Engine, manuall installation and first PC run

Post by kohedlo on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:30 pm

This from Documentation:

First Editor Runs

After installation IE and some issues, engine ready for working.

issue 1: in installation paths must be only latin liters. (this is bug, and latter must be fixed).

issue 2: if IE was distributed in 7z or zip archive, then after extracting, need manually install some redist packages
from engine directory ("\Imperial Game Engine\Redist" ):
minimal redists (for run game):

1) OpenAL. (for sound component)
2) vcredist_x86(2008). (for editor windows frame).

and for removing next error:

install 3)dotNetFramework at: "\Imperial Game Engine\Redist\dotNetFramework\dotNetFx35setup.exe"

if need install others redists:
1)flashplayer_14_ax_debug (for enabling FLASH component).
2) python (for working CEGUI Editor, and others external tools).
and others as need;

FOR DEVELOPERS: for run IE in DEBUG mode, please install MS VS 2008 Express.

issue 3: in starting game or editor need select the sub-graphic renderer, when appear next window:

After choosing subrenderer, IE creates scripts in PC user folder(In Windows XP is- "Documents and Settings") in "ImperialGDK" folder.

For restarting subrenderer bootstraping - delete script from "ImperialGDK" folder, "Editor.cfg"- for editor or "Game.cfg"- for game.

Please note, that sub-rendered added to IE as plugin, that possible add in collection or ad his own or new after developing;

For connection to IE starter you need:
1) compile ogre3d renderer plugin, and add dynamic library to plugin folder at:
"Imperial Game Engine\Binaries\Release\Plugins"

2) also you need add plugin in list of "plugins.cfg" file at:
"\Imperial Game Engine\Binaries\Release\Configs"

syntax is next : "Plugin=(name render system without .dll extesion)"
for example: "# Plugin=RenderSystem_DirectX11".
Symbol "#" - is commenting symbol, and next entire line of next was invisible.

After that issues editor can start successfully.
If occour prioblems, see "Imperial\Imperial Game Engine\Support" directory for fixing problems,
or ask support at IE forum at: "".

If you works with editor first times, pee editor issues for close understanding of toolst.


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